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Diagnostics & Repairs

Choice Fitness Repair specializes in treadmill, bike, elliptical, stepper, tread-climber, Max Trainer, and home gym repair and service.  We are registered and licensed on all makes and models of equipment.  If you can “work out” on it, we can repair it.

Whether you own residential or commercial fitness equipment in your home, or if you are a commercial facility with multiple pieces of exercise equipment, we will get the job done on time, every time. If you have a unit where the vendor is no longer in business and parts are not available for your equipment, we will let you know before anything is booked or paid for.

We can also get old Circuit boards repaired as well. We look for every chance to get the machine back up and running.

Research is done before each call and you will know what you need to know before your decision.


We have key Canadian and USA relationships with several parts vendors, which means, if parts are available for your machine, we will be able to price out, order and ship the parts needed for your machine with tracking information.

If we know parts are not around (NLA) and we may not be able to service the machine, you are told before booking a service call, so no time is wasted and we can then help you proceed in another direction.

A note on parts:  Unlike others out there…we do not mark-up part orders on customers for big profits.  You pay reasonable prices….which is is usually Dealer Pricing that we get.

We are not in the business to sell parts…..we are in the business to provide service….and that is what we charge for.

Note:  We are also repair circuit boards.  this will run you from around $130.00 and up.

Warranty & Guarantee

All repair/service work is under warranty for 120 days. If the same issue should return with the 120 days, we will come out and assess the machine at no charge. When this happens it usually means parts are going to be needed to remedy the situation.

note: we do not warranty new parts.  that is up to the parts supplier.

We rarely need to bring the warranty into play because we get the job done right the 1rst time.

If another new issue comes up with your machine within the 120 days, you will be invoiced accordingly.

Note to all:  Everyone is fully screened and we usually know well ahead of time if the machine can be serviced or not.  Some machines are unique so each service request is taken with the same goal in mind and that is to get it repaired. 

We have a lot of important Canadian and USA Retail, Supplier, and Repair contacts so I am 100% positive we can always help you out.

First Trip Diagnostic/Repair

Starting at $105.00 + HST
Depending on your location and # of pcs of equipment

Second Trip Parts Installation (if needed)

Starting at $80 + HST
Depending on the location, # of pcs of equipment and the level of difficulty involved

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