Treadmill vs Treadclimber

The Bowflex Treadclimber is a very popular twist on the traditional treadmill. Instead of one main belt, it uses two dual treadles that rise to meet your feet as you walk.

The main benefit of the Treadclimber is that it burns calories up to 3 times faster than walking on a flat treadmill. So you see weight loss results very fast.

However treadmills also give you some unique benefits over the Treadclimber as well.

So which is better for you? Here are some of the main differences you should know to help you decide:

#1 Calorie Burn

The Treadclimber uses the power of high incline walking to burn calories up to 3 times faster than walking on a flat incline treadmill.

Incline walking uses more of the larger muscles in your legs – which in turn require a lot more calories. So you burn more calories per workout – and drop pounds faster.

This is obviously a huge advantage as it can be inspiring to see results in the mirror so quickly.

#2 Lower Impact on the Treadclimber

Because the treadles rise to meet your feet, the Treadclimber gives you a lower impact workout than a treadmill. If you’re prone to shin splints or running injuries, this is another benefit the Treadclimber gives you over the treadmill.

#3 Walking or Running?

The Treadclimber was only designed for you to walk on it. It’s not built for runners as the maximum speed limit is capped around 4.5 MPH.

You don’t need to run to get the fast weight loss a Treadclimber can give you. However if you enjoy running, you’ll obviously want to go with a treadmill over a Treadclimber here.

Treadmills for example will range from 0 up to 10 MPH speed limits or more – so you have a lot of room to run!

#4 Size Matters

Traditional treadmills have more of a rectangular footprint and can take up more space than a Treadclimber, which has more of a square footprint.

Then again, a lot of treadmills today fold up quite easily to save you space.

If you have a small workout area, you may either want to go with a Treadclimber – or a folding treadmill.

#5 Workout Programs & Heart Rate Monitors

This is one area where you can usually find a treadmill that outshines the Treadclimber. For example, most treadmills come with several built-in workouts that control the speed/incline for you and give you some workout challenge.

They also come with either a hand grip heart rate sensor or even a wireless monitor option.

The only Treadclimber model that comes with built-in workouts and heart rate monitor is the premium TC20 model. The other two models do not include any workout programs – or heart rate monitoring.

So those are some of the main differences between a Bowflex Treadclimber vs a treadmill. Regardless of what you decide, you have some great options in either category.

The main thing is to choose a machine that fits your lifestyle, budget and fitness goals – and of course go for something that gets you excited about using it! Good luck and have fun!

Updated: August 2, 2017 — 12:32 am

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