Assembly, Installs and Moves

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At Choice, I also offer fully insured moves, assembly and full installation services.

With my #1 contractor Brendan, we can offer a no nonsense, fully equipped, careful and detailed approach to this service.  We are experienced and will make sure your home is the same as it was when we started the job.

Don’t take a chance with regular and inexperienced movers offering the lowest rates so they can make some fast coin.  Let the fitness equipment professionals handle this for you so you will not need to call for repairs to your home afterwards.

Some of these scenarios include:Brendan 1

  • Assembly after purchase at your home or place of business
  • Pick up and deliver and then assemble your equipment
  • Dis-assembly, move, and assemble your equipment within your home
  • Dis-assembly, move, and assemble your equipment from one location of the city to another
  • Dis-assembly and preparing your equipment for a move to another location.  Repeat service to come back to assemble at the new location
  • Full Home GYM and Commercial GYM installations, including audio and video set-ups

As you can see there are several different combinations of these services so it is hard to give you rates without knowing what you need done.

BeforeWe are here to make sure the job is done correctly and to spot and handle any out of box issues that may arise.

Let Choice handle all your installation needs so you know the machine you paid all that money for is in the best hands possible


afterRates will run from around $80.00 + HST and up depending on what you need done, the type of equipment you have and the difficulty of the job at hand.

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