Fight a Cold with the Natural Remedies

So you’ve fallen sick with the common cold and flu and are now looking to fight back – hopefully without the use of over the counter medication.

As much as you can, it’s best to use all-natural remedies for getting yourself better as then you can avoid any unwanted side effects that may come with using prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

Fortunately for you, there are a number of natural remedies you can use to help combat the common cold and flu bug and get yourself feeling better again sooner.

Here’s what to know.

Salt Water Gargle If a sore throat is what has you down, you might want to consider a salt water gargle. Rather than using throat lozenge after throat lozenge, these may help take the sting away from your sore throat, getting you feeling better again.

To use this natural remedy, simply fill a cup of warm water with a tsp. of salt and gargle. Just watch not to drink this liquid as the sodium content will be very high.

Lemon Water Gargle

Can’t stand the salt gargle? The good news is a lemon gargle can work just as well. Simply fill a glass full of warm water with the juice from one lemon and then gargle with this instead.

The lemon water is going to create an acidic environment that helps to kill the bacteria and viruses.

Chicken Soup

You may think it to be an old wives tale or something that your mother used to tell you just to get you to eat something but chicken noodle soup can actually help combat the common cold and flu.

The soup helps to stop certain white blood cells from causing inflammation and thus can help to prevent mucus build-up from being produced.

In addition to that, the hot liquid also thins the mucus, so this could also help to clear your sinuses out, making it easier to breath.

To really give your soup a boost, consider adding some freshly chopped garlic. Garlic has immune strengthening properties that can help give you an added boost and ensure that you are ready to fight off the invading bacteria and viruses.

Use Steam

Finally, if you still are struggling with clogged sinuses, you’ll want to consider using steam. Pour some hot water into a large bowl and drape a towel over your head over the bowl of water and breath in the same.

This will quickly clear out your sinuses, allowing you to breathe again.

Next time you fall ill, try any one of these natural remedies first before resorting to medication.

Updated: January 6, 2017 — 1:56 am

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