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How long will a service call take?

It really depends on the situation.  I go out of my way to make sure things are 100% diagnosed or running smoothly.  If a belt needs to be replaced….I do that and more if your unit needs it.  You can estimate a good 45 minutes to 1 hour max for 1 piece of equipment.

How long will it take to repair my equipment?

It depends on what (if anything) is needed.  Alot of times I can repair a unit right on the spot.  Sometimes units need parts, which can take about a week to arrive.

What if you cannot repair the unit?

Usually this will happen if certain parts are no longer available for your machine.  If this happens, you will be refunded (in full).  I will normally do my research when I find out what you have and let you know first off if parts are available or not available.

Do you charge for extra visits?

I charge for the 1rst visit and then the 2nd visit to install parts.  If the part involved does not repair the unit…a 3rd trip is not charged.  This does not happen often though, as I give thorough diagnostics and don’t just turn it on and tell you what you need and leave in 10 minutes.

Do you accept credit cards?

Great question…..as of Feb 2015….we now accept all major credit cards through the Square chip reader and through on-line billing.

Do you warranty your work?

yes….I have a 1 year warranty on all the work I do.  If the same issue appears within a year…contact me and I will come out to see what is happening.

Will you show me how to maintain my treadmill?

ABSOLUTLEY!!!  When I come and do a repair, change a belt, change a motor or any other part on a treadmill…the best thing is to teach you how to lube a treadmill.  I warranty my work for a year…I would want you to be educated on certain things you need to do within that year so the issue doesn’t reoccur

Do you offer maintenance plans?

yes I do.  contact me to discuss your needs

How long will an assembly take?

It truly depends on what I am assembling.  A treadmill run about 1hr and 15 minutes…..an Elliptical about the same.  A Home Gym however will run up to 2-3 hours…depending on the make and model.

Do you move stuff from location to location?

Yes….I have a professional team of movers that I hand these types of jobs too.  This is what they do does…they move Fitness Equipment for a living.  Contact me for a quote.

 Do you carry any parts?

I don’t carry parts since there are way to many makes and models to deal with.  i just done have the big warehouse at my disposal.  I am however registered with all the major vendors, so parts are always easy to get.

 Do you repair circuit boards?

I do not, but I have a gentleman in Scarborough (http://irotronics.com/) that does this for me for a reasonable rate.  If I cant find a part for a unit, I will use him to repair the board.

 I noticed your rates are a little higher than others….why is this?

My rates are very competitive and are in line with what most other good technicians are offering.  I believe good work, reliability, professionalism and follow ups outweigh the rates though.  I go out of my way alot of times to make sure customers are happy.

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 Are you insured in case of an accident or damage?

I am 100% insured with liability and accidental with Intact insurance.  Policy number ACCEL 501339531.






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