Don’t Worry Be Happy!!

We all know one of those people, that person that always seems to be cheerful and happy, no matter what. No, they are not insane – they just have the right attitude. Whether it’s a Monday, the weather is gloomy, or things just aren’t going your way – learn how to remain unrattled and smiling through anything!

1. The first step in creating happiness is choosing it. You must make a conscious effort to strive for happiness as an achievement, as it rarely just falls into your lap. Choosing to make the best of every situation, to see the silver lining, and to keep trying, will have you well on your way to cultivating happiness in every day.

2. Happy people tend to be appreciative people,people who are aware of their good fortune and display gratitude. Start each day by spending just a couple minutes with a gratitude exercise. Keep a journal by your bed, or write while you’re drinking your morning coffee. List at least one thing each day that you are grateful for. Studies have shown that beginning your day with a grateful attitude can sprinkle some joy into the rest of your day.

3. Let it go. Yes, like the Frozen song. It is inevitable that at some point in your day, some type of annoyance will pop up into your life. The difference between happy people and more tense people lies in what you allow to get to you. So take a moment to think, will being delayed a few minutes in traffic drastically change your life? Is the current, stressful situation truly impactful on your well being? If not,take a breath, count to 3, and let it go.

4. Exercise your brain. Whether you practice daily meditation for a few minutes, attend a yoga class, or engage in relaxation breathing, find a way each day to quiet your mind. Life these days is so fast-paced; it can behard to find the time to just be still. By taking the time to still your body, you can allow yourself the time to train your mind. Spending quiet time breathing, meditating, or stretching, eventually teaches your brain to achieve calmness and serenity. Over time, you can learn to recognize negativity and you can use the mental strength you’ve developed to push negative thoughts from your brain and welcome serenity. Sure, maybe it sounds goofy, but it’s proven to work!

5. Exercise your body, daily. Do something each day to work up a sweat, and you’ll instantly improve your mood. Exercise releases endorphins from the brain, chemicals that float around the blood stream and relieve stress and boost happiness. The exercise you choose doesn’t have to be strenuous; in fact it is more beneficial to do something you enjoy versus exercising out of obligation. So attend a dance class, go for a hike, or walk your dog – whatever brings you joy that doesn’t involve sitting!

Practice these 5 steps on a daily basis and watch your attitude evolve. Through a bit of effort you will come to realize you don’t have to be “lucky” to be happy all the time, you just have to try!

Updated: January 6, 2017 — 2:07 am

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