Basic diet Points

General dietary advice

  • Base meals on starchy foods such as pasta, rice, cereal, potato and whole meal bread
  • Reduce intake of fat and sugar
  • Eat 5 a day of fruit and vegetables
  • Use good cooking methods e.g. grilling and steaming
  • Reduce alcohol intake as is high in calories
  • Consider portion sizes
  • Eat slowly and you will feel fuller
  • Concentrate on what you’re eating not the TV and you will feel fuller
  • Consider healthier options such as a grilled chicken ceasar flatbread that has 73cal instead of a big mac burger that has 493cal
  • Read the label of what your buying because some bought sandwiches that look healthy can have up to 1000cal in them
Updated: March 30, 2014 — 11:34 am

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