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Hi my name is Margaret-ann. I am deaf and on ODSP. In June of 2012 i had a heart attack when I was 38 yr old. I ended up with a stent and i still still have some blockages as my coronary artery is very narrow as it doesn’t pump enough blood. As of now I am on a lot of medication and doing cardiac rehab that is watched and monitored very carefully.

I was very fortunate that my family was able to give me a treadmill to use for free. I was so surprised and very thankful.

The treadmill itself has a brand new belt and new motor but needs a tune up badly as it was making noises and the belt was not moving. I looked around and it was not an easy thing to find someone who services this type of equipment.

I did not have a lot of money to spend on a major tune up for the treadmill as I was on ODSP, but I needed to get it running.

I decided to go back to Kijiji in May of 2013 and to see if anything would come up with a search.

That is when I found Kevin from Choice Fitness Repair. He contacted me by email and told me how much it would cost and i explained i couldn’t afford the amount and it would take me a couple month to save up that much money for the service.

To my surprise Kevin contacted me back and offered to come and service the machine for free to help me out on my journey to a new fresh start. I was so impressed and felt very honored that the company would do this for me because it was like giving me a second chance at life again. Thanks Kevin and thanks Choice Fitness Repair for caring

Margaret-Ann – Toronto Ontario

Updated: March 30, 2014 — 11:29 am

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